Clairify Quantum Disinfection™
Frequently Asked Questions



How does Clairify Quantum Disinfection™ work?

Quantum Disinfection is a catalyst with activated surfaces. The microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, protozoa, micro-algae, yeast, etc.) that get into a direct contact with these surfaces, instantly lose their electrons to the positive active sites causing their entire structure to collapse.

Is Quantum Disinfection a filter?

No. It is a disinfection media. Besides, just like UV, QD needs primary filtration (at least 5 micron) to work properly, otherwise the activated sites can be clogged.

Does Quantum Disinfection media leaches?

No. Quantum Disinfection™ does not leach anything in the water, no ions, no chemicals. All of the bactericidal action happens because of a catalytic surface action.

Is Quantum Disinfection certified?

Yes. QD media is:

  • A NSF Certified Component to NSF/ANSI 42 for material requirements only (Certificate #:C0292640-01);
  • Tested by IAPMO to NSF/ANSI 61 (Certificate #: 23033);
  • Certified MOH – China (Certificate #: 2015KF2513).

How Quantum Disinfection is applied?

QD can only be applied in packed bed in devices, systems or units with a inlet and an outlet that can ensure the contact of the microorganisms with the activated ceramics. No by-pass is allowed.

Has Quantum Disinfection tested by 3 rd  party labs?

Yes. Quantum Disinfection™ technology has been rigorously tested and posted excellent results by:

  • Environmental Protection Agency, US EPA
  • Eurofins US; Eurofins France
  • NC State University
  • Proteus, France
  • Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology, China
  • Avazyme, US
  • Ackuritlabs, US
  • Microbac, US

All of these reports are available upon request.

Is Quantum Disinfection™ a purifier like Reverse Osmosis?

No. Quantum Disinfection™ is more like UV. It is not a filter and its purpose is not to filter the water, but rather to disinfect the water.

How long does Quantum Disinfection media last?

Claire works closely with our OEM partners to design cartridges and devices that meet end-of-life criteria. For Claire’s own prototypes, such as the CLAIRIFY PLATINUM 12 unit, the warrantied life is 740.000 liters, or just over 1 year of normal household use.


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