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Quantum Disinfection™ (QD) is a new technology that uses the quantum mechanic principles of electron movement to create catalytic active surfaces (positively charged) that can disintegrate any microorganism instantly, upon contact.
In more detail, QD refers to (1) a technology that allows the creation of (2) new composite materials with (3) particular disinfection capacities:

  1.  The QD technology uses the general principals of the “Doping” technique, recently discovered in the filed of advanced semiconductors, coupled with the high disinfection proprieties of cationic Silver;
  2. The QD media represents alumina based ceramics (fig. & tab. here bellow) tuned with one layer of titanium dioxide (called Acceptor Support) and another layer of silver (called Active Phase). These two layers influence each other and create at the alumna surface a strong cationic filed, + 1.4 eV (called Active Surface);
  3. The QD phenomenon is related to the disintegration of the microorganisms that touched the Active Surface of the QD media. The strong cationic filed attracts and rips of the electrons from the external membranes, enzymatic layers or DNA reproducible sequences of any microorganism that get into a direct contact with the QD media.
Chemical composition Al2O3 - TiO2 - Ag
Particle Size (mm)Diameter: 1 - 3
Particle size repartition
(%: ball size)
90 - 95%: 1.9mm
<5%: 1.1mm
<5%: 2.9mm
Average particle size (mm)1.9
Recommended Mesh Size (mm) 0.40
Apparent density (g/cm3) 0.75
Quantum Disinfection™ Media in a Petri dish
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